Processing Charges

Heritage Research Journal: A Premier Open Access and Multidisciplinary Journal is committed to providing open access to published research and ensuring the sustainability of the journal. To support the costs associated with the peer review process, editorial management, manuscript production, hosting, and online dissemination, Heritage Research Journal levies a processing charge upon acceptance of manuscripts for publication.

Processing charges for authors:

  • Article Processing Charge (APC): Upon acceptance of a manuscript, authors are required to pay an Article Processing Charge. The APC covers the costs associated with the editorial and production process, including copy editing, typesetting, e-certificates, and online hosting. The exact APC amount will be communicated to authors upon acceptance of their manuscript.

For Indian authors: The processing charge for Indian authors is Rs. 2000+18%GST (Indian Rupees).

For foreign authors: The processing charge for foreign authors is USD 120 (United States Dollars).

  • Transparent Pricing: Heritage Research Journal maintains a transparent pricing policy. The APC covers the actual costs incurred in publishing the article and supports the ongoing operations of the journal.

Payment Process:

  • Payment can be made through secure online payment platforms or bank transfers, as specified in the acceptance letter.
  • Timely Payment: Prompt payment of the processing charges is essential to ensure the timely publication of the accepted manuscript. The production and publication process will commence once the payment has been successfully processed.

Benefits of Processing Charges:

  • Open Access: The processing charges enable Heritage Research Journal to provide immediate and unrestricted open access to published articles. This ensures that research findings are freely available to the global research community, facilitating wider dissemination, greater visibility, and increased impact.
  • High-Quality Services: By levying processing charges, Heritage Research Journal can maintain and enhance the quality of its editorial and production services. This ensures a rigorous peer review process, efficient production timelines, professional copy editing, and seamless online publication.
  • Support for Authors: Heritage Research Journal is committed to supporting authors throughout the publication process. By levying processing charges, the journal can provide comprehensive author support services, including prompt communication.

The processing charges levied by Heritage Research Journal are essential for sustaining the journal’s operations, enabling the dissemination of high-quality research, and promoting open access principles. We appreciate the support of authors in ensuring the continued success and impact of Heritage Research Journal.

For any inquiries or further information regarding processing charges, please contact the Editorial Team at