Publication Guidelines

Submission Process:

  1. Manuscript Preparation: Authors are requested to adhere to the guidelines provided in the journal’s “Author Guidelines” section. Manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with the specified formatting requirements, including document structure, citation style, and referencing guidelines. Compliance with these guidelines ensures the efficient processing of submissions.
  2. Online Submission: Authors should submit their manuscripts electronically via email.
  3. Cover Letter: Along with the manuscript, authors are encouraged to include a cover letter briefly summarizing the significance of their research, emphasizing its originality, and highlighting its contribution to the respective field of study. The cover letter can also mention any additional contextual information that may assist the editors and reviewers during the evaluation process.
  4. Supporting Materials: Authors may provide supplementary materials, such as datasets, figures, or multimedia files, to enhance the research findings. These supplementary materials should be submitted as separate files and clearly referenced within the manuscript.

Review and Publication Process:

  1. Peer Review: Heritage Research Journal follows a rigorous peer review process to ensure the quality and validity of published articles. Submitted manuscripts undergo a double-blind review, wherein the identities of both the authors and the reviewers are kept confidential. The review process typically involves expert evaluation by two or more reviewers with relevant expertise in the field. Authors can expect timely and constructive feedback from the reviewers.
  2. Acceptance Decision: Based on the reviewers’ feedback, the editorial team will make a decision regarding manuscript acceptance. Authors will be notified of the decision, which may include acceptance, acceptance with revisions, or rejection. If revisions are requested, authors are expected to address the reviewers’ comments and provide a detailed response in a timely manner.
  3. Proofreading and Copy Editing: Accepted manuscripts undergo a proofreading and copy editing process to ensure clarity, coherence, and adherence to journal standards. Authors may be required to review and approve the final edited version before publication.
  4. Publication: Once the manuscript is finalized, it will be published in the next available issue of Heritage Research Journal. The journal follows a continuous publication model, allowing for articles to be published online as soon as they are ready.

Open Access and Copyright:

  1. Open Access: Heritage Research Journal is an open access journal, providing free and unrestricted access to published articles. This promotes widespread dissemination of research and facilitates global knowledge sharing. Authors retain copyright of their published work.
  2. Authors can freely access, use, and build upon the research findings, provided proper attribution is given to the original authors.
  3. Retraction and Corrections: In cases of errors, misconduct, or significant issues identified after publication, Heritage Research Journal follows the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines. Corrections, retractions, or expressions of concern may be issued to maintain the integrity of the journal and ensure the accuracy of the scholarly record.

By following these publication guidelines, authors can ensure a smooth submission and evaluation process, leading to timely publication of their high-quality research in Heritage Research Journal.