Volume 70 – Issue 9 – 2022

1.Experimental observation of turning operation using Al-6063 on single point cutting tool with different feed rate and spindle speed for different depth of cut
Md Jafar Khan, Beena Rizvi
Page No: 1 – 6
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2.Forecasting of Egg Prices data using Time Series models-I
Srikanth.C, Prof. A. Rajendra Prasad
Page No: 7 – 19
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3.Multimodel Biometris for Enhanced IOT Security
Galeebhatulla, Anto Vivek Gerard, Ayesha Taj, Mohammed Naufil Adnaan,
Mohammed Farhan S.A, Rakheeba T
Page No: 20 – 30
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M.Rama Bai, CH.Shanmukha Akhil
Page No: 31 – 37
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5.Object Visual Detection for Intelligent Vehicles
Sirin Kumar Singh, Sunil Vishwakarma
Page No: 38 – 48
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6.IOT Based Portable Non Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring System
S. P. Bangal, Snehal Shinde, Rohit Vasande, Sanket Kote
Page No: 49 – 52
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7.Sentiment Analysis On Twitter Data Of Vaccines For COVID-19
Amrita Mishra, Mohd. Saif Wajid, Upasana Dugal
Page No: 53 – 61
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8.Computation of the Euler Number of a Hexagonal Binary Image Using the Perimeter
Jack Weinstein
Page No: 62 – 70
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9.Privacy-Aware Public Auditing Scheme for Big Data Sharing
R. Divya, Naveena R, Vahitha K. Thangam, Vijaya Karthikeyan K
Page No: 71 – 76
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