Volume 72 – Issue 6 – 2024

1.Power Quality Assessment in a Practical Distribution System
B. Muruganantham and S. Rajasekaran
Page No: 1 – 9
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2.Placement and Scheduling of Solar PV in a practical distribution system with Day-Night Loads
B.Muruganantham, R.Gnanadass and S.Rajasekaran
Page No: 10 – 23
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3.A Review of Mechanical Properties of Concrete Utilizing Paper Industry Waste: Hypo Sludge and Lime Sludge
Dr. Sunil Kumar, Deepak Danu and Dr. Vaneeta Devi
Page No: 24 – 45
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4.Study of Electrical and Gas Sensing Characterizations of Hydrothermally synthesized ZrS2 nanostructure
Tushar Satish Wagh, Sagar Hiraman Mane, Sanjay Bhimraj Bansode, Gotan Hiralal Jain and Madhavrao Keshavrao Deore
Page No: 46 – 60
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5.Implementation Paper on Assistant System for Deaf and Dumb People Using OpenCV
Ganesh Chandrakant Gaikwad, Abhishek Hanmantrao Gavane, Prajwal Panjabrao Gavane and Dipali S. Pawar
Page No: 61 – 67
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6.Enhancing Service Quality in Canteen: Leveraging Content-Based Filtering and ARIMA Algorithm
Bibin John, Vinita More, Janavi Ingale, Karankumar Mailaram and Akanksha Naik
Page No: 68 – 72
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7.Unveiling the Role of Gender in Sustainable Development: Insights from Sikkim
Swati Sinha Babu, Rimu Chaudhuri and Anshuman Dhan
Page No: 73 – 88
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8.Co-design Technology for Enhancing System Performance for FPGA Based System
Padmini G. Kaushik and Dr. Sanjay M. Gulhane
Page No: 89 – 101
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9.The Timeless Allure of Uttarakhand Ornaments: A Journey through Craftsmanship and Culture
Dr. Rajkumar Pandey
Page No: 102 – 112
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10.Unlocking Growth: An Empirical Study of Affiliate Marketing in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Gujarat, India
Dr. Jiju Mathew John, Dr. Gincy Jiju Mathew, Dr. Neha Patel and Dr. Rajeshwari Jain
Page No: 113 – 121
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